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Special Spring Day

On a blue sky, special spring day.

The guests let the river float all their troubles away.

Smiles were given freely, love like the warmth of the sun.

A new chapter for this couple had just begun.

Guests filled the couple with kind words.

Beautiful food filled everyone’s bellies, all ate like lords.

A dream like day, the energy in this special place still remains.

The guests that made that happen, memories that are here to stay.

 © Deon Heemskerk 19-10-12

Picture(Thankyou Bec!)



Pre wedding rain

Pre wedding rain

The mist of yesterdays rain makes a beautiful red dawn.

Limbs lay on the ground, with the great weight of the rain they were torn.

New hope of a blue sky, will clear the blues away.

Lifting heavy hearts, like the evaporating rain.

Words spoken to each other, but taken by many ears.

Investment in each others future, sharing hopes and fears.

Mixing pot of people, characters from past and present here.

A song, a laugh, some gentle banter, even a shedding tear.

The nights crickets start their song as the crowd’s volume increases.

The crowd dwindling in size, people sneak off in bits and pieces.

A large moon rises, only the rowdy remain.

Their drunken laughing banter, will be swapped tomorrow with pain.

The wedding couple now stow away from friends and family.

Their future now two vines intertwining in the sun, they grow together happily.

© Deon Heemskerk 7-2-2012