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Summer sun

In the stillness of the summer afternoon.

Cool bubbling river plays a refreshing tune.

In this cool body we lay.

Low, like animals hiding from their prey.

Out on the plane , birds hang armpits wide.

Their sails catching no breeze, heat rising in a shimmering  tide.

Shade the highest commodity, in the dust pounded field.

Only the cruel burning sun it is set to yield.

The sheoks on the river, have the last laugh at the gums on the plane.

This country is screaming  out, for some sweet summer rain.

© Deon Heemskerk 21-12-12



Smells like summer

Smell of BBQ onions drift through the air.

A deck, a pretzel, a fold up chair.

Hops mist drifts off the first cracked beer.

Slides past willing lips, with no fear.

Late sunscreen hits a sunburnt face.

Someone sets a ridiculous drinking pace.

Giggles turn in laughs, laughs turn into good times.

Remembrance headache arrives just in time for the sunrise.

Deon Heemskerk 30-9-2011

Photo by  Lynden Cini