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Sky dream

I would love to dip my toes in that deep blue sky.

Wade knee deep in the clouds floating by.

Drink the timeless mists, that quenched the souls so long ago.

High in these mountains, still a few of it know.

Would the sun warm my souls, as i dance through his garden?

Slip seeds of peace into the earth, soften souls that have hardened.

Mine it is till the frost settles on my sleep.

Wake me then, but the memory i will keep.

© Deon Heemskerk 17-6-2013



All night

In the stillness of the night,

darkness closes and becomes my cage.

Thoughts my enemy,

or is the responsibility of  light?

The gravity pulls on the corners of my stomach.

Blanketing my soul.

Drown the sense of time fade.

It sickens me with its greed.

My hunger for a clear thought.

Trees of the day, so wicked and twisted tonight.

Tormenting my moments of weakness.

Something’s burning deep,

but fuels nothing good.

I am the same end of the magnet,

pushing away from everyone else.

My toes leaving prints in soil that no one notices.

© Deon Heemskerk



Here the water is manipulated into streets.

The air is thick with humidity and greed.

Looking good is a price tag,

attached to a brand,

attached to a shirt,

attached to some manipulated or enhanced body part.

It becomes difficult to see if the advertisement and the person are apart.

Here all hope swings from a pole,

as less is more in lust tourism.

Where souls are lost in glazed eyes,

looking for the top of their gold prism.

Simple manners discarded,

as the consumerism saturates with the rising  people tide.

Come see what?

Where all humanities worst traits come to hide?

Fermenting in bloated pride and selfishness,

Giving it the right environment to breed.

© Deon Heemskerk


Morning mountain air

Particles of cordial sun,

float in on the mint air.

Peach tasting sunrise,

through the night sky will tear.

Song of the rhythmic river,

dances through the valley.

Dew sits thick,

earths moisturizer layered heavy.

Air so dense,

 Every lung full of wriggling energy.

Peace is home here,

the mountains caress the soul so gently.

© Deon Heemskerk


The Storm

The storm was building through my self importance.

A heart was sinking through my ignorance.

You looked at me with all your attention.

Beautiful, brown full eyes, only needing my affection.

My mind and heart, had shrunk into something insignificant,

not even worth your  presence.

Still my ego beat on, with its own self righteousness.

Clattering to its own song, your patience  ignored while time slipped by.

Sometimes I claim  ownership of what is not truly mine.

Your genuine, beautiful soul, radiating warm kindness.

My own misguided truth, stubbornness my blindness.

I left you scampering in the darkness, while I threw down the rain.

Sorry beautiful one, what I dealt you was only misery and pain.

© Deon Heemskerk


The now

Who am i but the potential of your kind feelings?

An apple with skin marked,

but beauty in your seeing.

Time is a friend,

even in the end.

If your dwelling on the end,

all light will bend.

All sunshine dipped afternoons will turn into crows nests.

Feeding on the leftovers of despair,

the dark energy they ingest.

Beauty is in the single drop of water,

like living in a single moment of time.

Living totally in the now,

is good food for the mind.

© Deon Heemskerk 4-2-2013


Little place

When we first met you were mystical,

strange and wild.

Hiding secrets in corners,

nature in an untamed style.

I only visited once,

before giving you my heart.

Granite stone strong spell,

washing over me from the start.

Day dreams that turned into reality,

afternoons spent in the sun.

As you continued to grow,

an evolution of myself had also begun.

You unlocked the gates of my hang ups,

started the flow into my soul.

You’re the special place up in those hills,

the place we now call home.

© Deon Heemskerk 30-11-2012