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Rain of the dark

Through the darkness I hear the patter of the rains feet.

It stumbles through the trees foliage,

till the ground it will meet.

A sound with no face,

in the darkness can be rhythmic or can roar.

Gently putting me to sleep with its soft notes,

but awakens me when it pours.

The ground welcomes it,

like a dry sponge soaking in.

The trees slurp through long straws,

drawing deep breaths of water in.


the river gets angry.

Throwing punch’s at the bank,

as it heads toward the sea.

© Deon Heemskerk



Summer sun

In the stillness of the summer afternoon.

Cool bubbling river plays a refreshing tune.

In this cool body we lay.

Low, like animals hiding from their prey.

Out on the plane , birds hang armpits wide.

Their sails catching no breeze, heat rising in a shimmering  tide.

Shade the highest commodity, in the dust pounded field.

Only the cruel burning sun it is set to yield.

The sheoks on the river, have the last laugh at the gums on the plane.

This country is screaming  out, for some sweet summer rain.

© Deon Heemskerk 21-12-12


Falling spring

Sweet spring shower falls on the dry flour earth.

Cool droplets of relief, for wind whipped trees.

Washing away dust particles of a terrible day.


The violent storm building, that punched its way through the hills.

Scared animals took cover from the snapping and groaning.

The relentless waves of air, the building friction in the sky.

The deafening warning shouts, that came from above.


No sooner had it hit, it had dispersed into a serene rhythm.

A steady calm shower,


Nature sighing.

© Deon Heemskerk 14-9-2012

Pre wedding rain

Pre wedding rain

The mist of yesterdays rain makes a beautiful red dawn.

Limbs lay on the ground, with the great weight of the rain they were torn.

New hope of a blue sky, will clear the blues away.

Lifting heavy hearts, like the evaporating rain.

Words spoken to each other, but taken by many ears.

Investment in each others future, sharing hopes and fears.

Mixing pot of people, characters from past and present here.

A song, a laugh, some gentle banter, even a shedding tear.

The nights crickets start their song as the crowd’s volume increases.

The crowd dwindling in size, people sneak off in bits and pieces.

A large moon rises, only the rowdy remain.

Their drunken laughing banter, will be swapped tomorrow with pain.

The wedding couple now stow away from friends and family.

Their future now two vines intertwining in the sun, they grow together happily.

© Deon Heemskerk 7-2-2012



The sound of rain


The weight of the water makes the branches hang low.

The rivers swelling mass continues to grow.

Taking the land as it roars.

Through the country side, it cuts like a saw.

Open ups old wounds and downs old trees.

Water is full of force but of form is free.

Spreads out across the plains, like parting fingers.

Blanketing the fields, its silty murkiness will linger.

Nature reminds us how small we are.

Egos will shrink as the water spreads so far.

The Sound of Rain

Water Particles break up on the window pane.

The sound on the tin roof deafening again.

Just like TV static but unable to turn it off.

Pounding the roof, this house a sound trough.

A slight break, then it eases away.

A mellow background sound, relaxation noise on replay.

Peace now flowing back into my mind.

Blissful, happy sleep and time to unwind.


© Deon Heemskerk 26-11-11

Rain work

Rain work

The rain pitta pattas on his back.

Little dams well and drop from his hat.

Grey sheets descend on the green mountain side.

Rock wallaby looks for shelter to hide.

Moss springs back to life, like a sponge taking water.

Valley echos with kookaburra laughter.

Wetter and wetter he will get.

But the day isn’t over to the expectations are met.

The peace of the valley washes over his skin.

Might chill his spine but his soul full to the brim.

New Man

Very blue, a deeper shade of mellow.

Quirky sort, a strange type of fellow.

Going out of his way to avoid the corporate snake.

Happy to sip wine and walk through the grapes.

Hiding in the hills from his past shadows.

In the clear stream, his new reflections values.

Not just him now looking back from that reflection..

love and natures guidance his new forward direction.

Now these two vines futures intertwined.

Peace and sweet fruit, all in good time.

 © Deon Heemskerk 25-11-11