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Rain of the dark

Through the darkness I hear the patter of the rains feet.

It stumbles through the trees foliage,

till the ground it will meet.

A sound with no face,

in the darkness can be rhythmic or can roar.

Gently putting me to sleep with its soft notes,

but awakens me when it pours.

The ground welcomes it,

like a dry sponge soaking in.

The trees slurp through long straws,

drawing deep breaths of water in.


the river gets angry.

Throwing punch’s at the bank,

as it heads toward the sea.

© Deon Heemskerk



Tickled stars

The stars twinkled and tickled my hair receptors.
The energy received sent them straight up in attention.

The calmness of the night, the deep sleep creeping in.
Batteries going into recharge as my eye lids grew thin.

Thoughts fading, green valley images emerging.
Imagination and blurred reality merging.

Were forgotten friends force their memories to return.
Even those with scissors and those that watched my emotions burn.

I will always have time for them, all its takes is a kind word.
Just blocked by an ego that has become their lord.

The lord that holds their head under water.
Blurs their vision and hold their hearts to torture.

This dream will never end, its reflective surface shining in.
The width of the moon on the river, will not grow thin.

 © Deon Heemskerk 9-9-2012

Moon Light Night

Moon Light Night

On a full moon lit night.

A slight breeze makes shadows dance with delight.

In these dark quiet times sometimes old wounds open up.

Memories of past lives and things given up.

Time can heal but time can hurt.

The face in the moon all covered in dirt.

He smirks from an unreachable distance.

No offerings for problems or grievances.

Only astronauts may slap his face.

When they arrive and look back, only thoughts of their families they chase.

Forced into a coul-de-sac it may seem to be the end.

But there is always a way out, hole in the fence or help from a friend.

Same different moon

The moon chases the hands around the clock.

Rasberries I asked for, strawberries I got.

The sea tide shifts, the moon’s light reflecting.

Positive thoughts, a seed germinating.

Clouds in layers drifting in different directions.

People in society with different expectations.

Some float along just absorbing the scenery.

Others sneak up, smother the moon with their trickery.

Blocking the light they will darken the night.

Just to show what they can do when exerting their might.

In a far off distant land eyes look at the moon.

What it means to them, may be different to you.


© Deon Heemskerk 11-11-11