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Morning fox

The blood vessels in my eyes bleed.

On the highway to your heart they feed.

Silicon in these stones, wash the skin from my hands.

Water shifts the particles of sand.

Gravity pulls the flow of the river.

Memory of that dawn sinks deeper.

All the birds seem to flying in the same direction.

Infected by the love of the sun, in this frozen section.

Todays mist dances with yesterdays dust.

Even the fox in your eyes, i trust.

© Deon Heemskerk 2013



The early sun

Dew sprinkled,

like sugar on the tasty earth.

The sun or the kookaburra,

which one rose first?

Dancing river sound,

drifts slowly into the morning.

Little blue ren and his groupies,

are hitting the yard and touring.

Moon is hiding his face in shame,

all the things seen during the night.

Casanova growling possum,

his behavior hardly tame.

The sun has risen,

putting the nocturnals to bed.

Get up golden radiating face,

the plants need to be fed.

© Deon Heemskerk


Restless cold

Restless cold

In the cold of the morning, the frost cannot freeze your thoughts.

A restless nights sleep, no clarity it has brought.

The early morning sun kisses the side of your cheek.

It’s the warmth of direction and focus you seek.

The struggle within, the struggle many face.

True passion, that must be freedom the lucky taste.

The hope of yours, may become the disappointment of others.

Responsibilities stack and time increases the smoulder.

They shouldnt be called cross roads, there is more than just right and left.

Many tracks to choose from, which consoles your soul best?

The easiest path is never the right one.

If you had of walked up the hill, you would have won.

The time lost in limbo on the plain, easy walking but no fun.

Time to hit the hill and head for the sun.

© Deon Heemskerk 16-12-2012



Winter morn

Winter morn

Her breath creates a fog that floats out into the air.

Tiny sparkling crystals form at the end of her hair.

Willow bark shines like its varnish covered.

Weeds turned beautiful, with this winter white they are smothered.

Spider webs make cold rope thrown all along the road.

Thick is the frost that has settled, they bend to take the load.

Her eyes ski across the icy fields as she takes in the view.

The sun delivers a delicious meal, the blue sky so easy to chew.

Reflections of a cool mountain morning, a beautiful day to come.

Winter in full swing now and she is happy to let it run.

© Deon Heemskerk 27-6-2012

Spring has set in!

Still on the mend but plenty of time for weekend wandering and pondering around the garden.

Spring has set in

As day breaks the birds begin to sing.

Low early fog is still lingering.

Burning off as the sun rises overhead.

The early spring tulips drop petals as they shed.

Lush green grass sprouts up ready to mow.

Wine grape leaves just starting to show.

My spirit high in this healing time.

Your bad mood has no effect on the days shine.

Nature child where has your happiness gone?

What pleases you more the flower or the stone?

The dependable stone, so solid and always there.

The short-lived flower, its beauty so rare.

Soon the summer will come and the flowers will fade.

The stone will heat up when you’re looking for shade.

So decide on one or be happy with both.

For today is a spring day and we should make the most.

Deon Heemskerk 16-10-11