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Sky dream

I would love to dip my toes in that deep blue sky.

Wade knee deep in the clouds floating by.

Drink the timeless mists, that quenched the souls so long ago.

High in these mountains, still a few of it know.

Would the sun warm my souls, as i dance through his garden?

Slip seeds of peace into the earth, soften souls that have hardened.

Mine it is till the frost settles on my sleep.

Wake me then, but the memory i will keep.

© Deon Heemskerk 17-6-2013



Earthen Reality

Earthen Reality

The rolling energy in the sky, dips its finger tips into the ocean.

Lightning bolts of reality, hit home with light and commotion.


The earths belly rumbles and groans, sending shock waves through the ground.

Energy flow moving soil and mountain, source not to be found.


Split her open and let her bleed, just for person gain.

Global earth brutality, our green home in pain.


Dogs sence an angry earth, we have lost touch with our past.

Evolution has made us masters, if we can last.

© Deon Heemskerk 18-6-2012

Just be

  Just be

Do not hide in a locked chest your heart.

Free the shackles from around your soul, from the days start.

Be the river, fed from a mountain spring.

Transparent, honest and welcoming.

Don’t let the ghosts from yesterday, crumble your present hour.

Storm clouds in your mind brewing an emotional shower.

Stop at dawn, see the days first  rays and smell the flowers.

Don’t waste your time spitting wine in dark dingy corners.

Make your conversation a warm spring breeze, kissing the ears around you.

Don’t surround yourself with supermarket fruit, shiny on the outside but rotten right through.

Be the kookaburra’s laugh at the end of the day.

Your soul will lift and problems will melt away.

 © Deon Heemskerk 17-11-11


Moon Light Night

Moon Light Night

On a full moon lit night.

A slight breeze makes shadows dance with delight.

In these dark quiet times sometimes old wounds open up.

Memories of past lives and things given up.

Time can heal but time can hurt.

The face in the moon all covered in dirt.

He smirks from an unreachable distance.

No offerings for problems or grievances.

Only astronauts may slap his face.

When they arrive and look back, only thoughts of their families they chase.

Forced into a coul-de-sac it may seem to be the end.

But there is always a way out, hole in the fence or help from a friend.

Same different moon

The moon chases the hands around the clock.

Rasberries I asked for, strawberries I got.

The sea tide shifts, the moon’s light reflecting.

Positive thoughts, a seed germinating.

Clouds in layers drifting in different directions.

People in society with different expectations.

Some float along just absorbing the scenery.

Others sneak up, smother the moon with their trickery.

Blocking the light they will darken the night.

Just to show what they can do when exerting their might.

In a far off distant land eyes look at the moon.

What it means to them, may be different to you.


© Deon Heemskerk 11-11-11

Look Back

Look Back

Sometimes to move forward, you must look back.

Pause, balance and shift load to keep the train on track.

Easy to drift of into the endless fog of reality.

Letting the ship be steered by the tide of western formality.

Being bred to fit a mould set by those before you.

Daring not to dream to big, to walk the path set by few.

Those inspirational pioneers that let their passion be their guide.

Their souls filled from nature, not letting success bloat their pride.

To follow your dreams sometimes is much harder than first thought.

Whats happened to us now? Corporate capitalism is all that is taught.

 ©Deon Heemskerk 7-11-11

Big boys sand pit

Having taken work’s bobcat up for the week, it was time to have some fun in the sand pit. Well my sand pit, aka flattened area that will be for entertaining.

Ten Cubic metres of sandy loam I moved into this area.

Someone must have known i had the bobcat up at home and ordered a massive storm. It ripped through at about 9pm last night dumping a fair bit of rain damaging the driveway again. At least not as badly this time, more on that later…

Planted a few more grape vines, not even close to been finished yet!

There is always time to look at the garden and write some poetry.

To my love

When we first met, I had castle walls around my heart.

Pride my greatest defence, fools ideas from the start.

Slowly your wisdom and beauty dissolved the great stone.

In its place a beautiful relationship has grown.

Sometimes I still wear that selfish blindfold.

Not realising how it hurts the one I hold.

Our lives like a hemp rope woven together.

The fabric wearing in, withstanding the weather.

The Cherry tree will not fruit without another.

My life is not complete without you either.

Deon Heemskerk 23-10-11

Warmer weather, to the river!

The warmer weather brough a black snake to our back door and it also made me curious to see how our favorite spot on the river was going..

Clear flowing water runs effortlessly over the large granite stone.

Rocks form shapes that resemble prehistoric bone.

The water has no constant shape, morphing, splitting apart and joining again.

On it chugs through the country side like a reliable old train.

A slight breeze hums through the sheoaks over head.

Zigzag patterned sand, shows were the red-belly has fled.

Insects bounce off the surface, trout eating like kings.

The gem of the new england, the nucleus to all living things.

Deon Heemskerk 19-9-11