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All night

In the stillness of the night,

darkness closes and becomes my cage.

Thoughts my enemy,

or is the responsibility of  light?

The gravity pulls on the corners of my stomach.

Blanketing my soul.

Drown the sense of time fade.

It sickens me with its greed.

My hunger for a clear thought.

Trees of the day, so wicked and twisted tonight.

Tormenting my moments of weakness.

Something’s burning deep,

but fuels nothing good.

I am the same end of the magnet,

pushing away from everyone else.

My toes leaving prints in soil that no one notices.

© Deon Heemskerk



The Storm

The storm was building through my self importance.

A heart was sinking through my ignorance.

You looked at me with all your attention.

Beautiful, brown full eyes, only needing my affection.

My mind and heart, had shrunk into something insignificant,

not even worth your  presence.

Still my ego beat on, with its own self righteousness.

Clattering to its own song, your patience  ignored while time slipped by.

Sometimes I claim  ownership of what is not truly mine.

Your genuine, beautiful soul, radiating warm kindness.

My own misguided truth, stubbornness my blindness.

I left you scampering in the darkness, while I threw down the rain.

Sorry beautiful one, what I dealt you was only misery and pain.

© Deon Heemskerk



I took a walk along the darkest of avenues.

Just for the experience,

just for the view.

To meet with my shadow and

see what he was capable of.

Look at his pirate eyed grin,

sense his disregard of love.

No light shone from his words,

his ramblings.

Even though i listened hard,

on every words meanings.

What were beautiful words,

had been fermented into something different.

Dark poison tongue,

of a language so distant.

I understood but could not comprehend.

The misled motivation,

my shadow i will see you again.

© Deon Heemskerk



In my deepest depths of pain, my escape a dream of you.
Short snippets of happiness in this fiery plain of truth.

Needle point accuracy, sword of reality piercing through.
Fever grabs hold of time, twisted, distorted view.

How long will his tunnel run?

No light in sight!

How long will this tripled gravity, hold my body down with all its might?

As I wait for the dawn, for this sickness to thaw.
I wonder will I look upon life, more positively than before?

 © Deon Heemskerk 14-8-2012



This rain falls like the dispair that wells in your eyes.
He landed you with the worst kind of surprise.

He sleeps where he lays his head, not where he makes the bed.

Banking only deceit in this relationship vault.
Its currency worth nothing now, evaporating into salt.

The abrasiveness of the break up wearing down your soul.
Should have listened to all those friends, you used to know.

Lost years, stung, mummified on his web.
Lies you were given, as his ego was fed.

Distance the only cure from the black hole of affection.
The world of darkness surrounds you, as you search for a new direction.

© Deon Heemskerk 13-7-2012