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All night

In the stillness of the night,

darkness closes and becomes my cage.

Thoughts my enemy,

or is the responsibility of  light?

The gravity pulls on the corners of my stomach.

Blanketing my soul.

Drown the sense of time fade.

It sickens me with its greed.

My hunger for a clear thought.

Trees of the day, so wicked and twisted tonight.

Tormenting my moments of weakness.

Something’s burning deep,

but fuels nothing good.

I am the same end of the magnet,

pushing away from everyone else.

My toes leaving prints in soil that no one notices.

© Deon Heemskerk



Rain of the dark

Through the darkness I hear the patter of the rains feet.

It stumbles through the trees foliage,

till the ground it will meet.

A sound with no face,

in the darkness can be rhythmic or can roar.

Gently putting me to sleep with its soft notes,

but awakens me when it pours.

The ground welcomes it,

like a dry sponge soaking in.

The trees slurp through long straws,

drawing deep breaths of water in.


the river gets angry.

Throwing punch’s at the bank,

as it heads toward the sea.

© Deon Heemskerk


The now

Who am i but the potential of your kind feelings?

An apple with skin marked,

but beauty in your seeing.

Time is a friend,

even in the end.

If your dwelling on the end,

all light will bend.

All sunshine dipped afternoons will turn into crows nests.

Feeding on the leftovers of despair,

the dark energy they ingest.

Beauty is in the single drop of water,

like living in a single moment of time.

Living totally in the now,

is good food for the mind.

© Deon Heemskerk 4-2-2013