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It’s sometimes through trials and disappointments that comes wisdom.


Bring back the night

He stood in the night,

letting his soul fill with the sounds of the universe.

Star gazing and dream catching,

looking at the world in reverse.

Seeking direction,

not manipulated time.

The forest tickles his feet,

too long has it been since she massaged them.

Too long,

since her sweet perfume filled his thirsty heart.

In this night they have their moment,

just him, her, and the stars.

© Deon Heemskerk


Rain of the dark

Through the darkness I hear the patter of the rains feet.

It stumbles through the trees foliage,

till the ground it will meet.

A sound with no face,

in the darkness can be rhythmic or can roar.

Gently putting me to sleep with its soft notes,

but awakens me when it pours.

The ground welcomes it,

like a dry sponge soaking in.

The trees slurp through long straws,

drawing deep breaths of water in.


the river gets angry.

Throwing punch’s at the bank,

as it heads toward the sea.

© Deon Heemskerk