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Old Gum

Checkerboard of light,

warm and cool through the tree.

The sun’s footsteps,

grass forming two shades of green.

Little worlds formed in the folding bark,

for the ant and spider.

Highways formed from tree to tree,

for the little working commuter.

Little balls of yellow fuzz descend on the trees flower.

Pollen drunken hum,

on top of the cream tipped tower.

The warm sweet afternoon,

drifts slowly out into the air.

Gaze fixed tree ward,

without a worry,

without a care.

© Deon Heemskerk




Here the water is manipulated into streets.

The air is thick with humidity and greed.

Looking good is a price tag,

attached to a brand,

attached to a shirt,

attached to some manipulated or enhanced body part.

It becomes difficult to see if the advertisement and the person are apart.

Here all hope swings from a pole,

as less is more in lust tourism.

Where souls are lost in glazed eyes,

looking for the top of their gold prism.

Simple manners discarded,

as the consumerism saturates with the rising  people tide.

Come see what?

Where all humanities worst traits come to hide?

Fermenting in bloated pride and selfishness,

Giving it the right environment to breed.

© Deon Heemskerk


Morning mountain air

Particles of cordial sun,

float in on the mint air.

Peach tasting sunrise,

through the night sky will tear.

Song of the rhythmic river,

dances through the valley.

Dew sits thick,

earths moisturizer layered heavy.

Air so dense,

 Every lung full of wriggling energy.

Peace is home here,

the mountains caress the soul so gently.

© Deon Heemskerk


The Storm

The storm was building through my self importance.

A heart was sinking through my ignorance.

You looked at me with all your attention.

Beautiful, brown full eyes, only needing my affection.

My mind and heart, had shrunk into something insignificant,

not even worth your  presence.

Still my ego beat on, with its own self righteousness.

Clattering to its own song, your patience  ignored while time slipped by.

Sometimes I claim  ownership of what is not truly mine.

Your genuine, beautiful soul, radiating warm kindness.

My own misguided truth, stubbornness my blindness.

I left you scampering in the darkness, while I threw down the rain.

Sorry beautiful one, what I dealt you was only misery and pain.

© Deon Heemskerk


The early sun

Dew sprinkled,

like sugar on the tasty earth.

The sun or the kookaburra,

which one rose first?

Dancing river sound,

drifts slowly into the morning.

Little blue ren and his groupies,

are hitting the yard and touring.

Moon is hiding his face in shame,

all the things seen during the night.

Casanova growling possum,

his behavior hardly tame.

The sun has risen,

putting the nocturnals to bed.

Get up golden radiating face,

the plants need to be fed.

© Deon Heemskerk



I took a walk along the darkest of avenues.

Just for the experience,

just for the view.

To meet with my shadow and

see what he was capable of.

Look at his pirate eyed grin,

sense his disregard of love.

No light shone from his words,

his ramblings.

Even though i listened hard,

on every words meanings.

What were beautiful words,

had been fermented into something different.

Dark poison tongue,

of a language so distant.

I understood but could not comprehend.

The misled motivation,

my shadow i will see you again.

© Deon Heemskerk


The now

Who am i but the potential of your kind feelings?

An apple with skin marked,

but beauty in your seeing.

Time is a friend,

even in the end.

If your dwelling on the end,

all light will bend.

All sunshine dipped afternoons will turn into crows nests.

Feeding on the leftovers of despair,

the dark energy they ingest.

Beauty is in the single drop of water,

like living in a single moment of time.

Living totally in the now,

is good food for the mind.

© Deon Heemskerk 4-2-2013