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Sweet Home

Standing on the rocks so tough,

surrounded by the green marshmallow tuft.

Sits our home in a sweet peach draft.

In our hearts this land leaves its mark.

Not for our wallets or financial gain.

We come to this magic place to escape the strain.

To incorporate with our surrounds and each other.

Some like their barking neighbors,

but i find the birds much nicer.

Trickles of time spent in the garden of this afternoon.

Not wanting to put down this bliss any time soon.

© Deon Heemskerk 29-1-2013




My mind rose from the guilt edged fog of  the valley.

Spirits blocking the truths that lay waiting.

Homeward bound  truths of life and death.

My own self responsibilities , some how to be met.


does my feet as they lay down this track.

Sweet intoxicating birds song, reminds me of the sobering fact.

Fall he did,

leaves floating down in the summer  breeze.


pulling the water serpent downstream.

Isolated flowers floating on the surface.

Smile dipped memories, that reconstruct his face.

© Deon Heemskerk 24-1-2013

Queen Mary falls

Mountain tounge

I shook hands with this liquid,

not my tears.

Sitting quietly like a rabbit,

absorbing the world through my ears.


People here speak in mountain tongue,

slow but chattery.

Like the splash of the river,

how the McDonald runs.


Strength in the granite stone,

unyielding and refusing to wear.

Pound into soil,

but still will not tear.


Valley moving into an afternoon haze.

Clouds kiss the mountains,

and this valley caresses the range.

© Deon Heemskerk 18-1-2013


Memory of a mountain man

The northern stars keep him now.

Away from harm, away from pain.

Free to soar, where the wedge tail roams.

Over the mountain tops of  his valley home.

Looking over us from a distance, his soul now free.

In our hearts you will always be.

© Deon Heemskerk 9-1-2013


Thankyou for the wonderful memories!

Be at peace friend!

West Warmth

The icing sugar-coated red sky,

spreads like a blanket above you and I.

The afternoon orange,

Juicy to see.

The spectacle brings the warm energy,

to you and me.

The clouds form figures and castles,

surrounded by a blue lake.

Love so tenderly given,

guilty feelings sometimes when I take.

Out in the west the day begins to slow.

But not in my heart,

were the warmth continues to grow.

© Deon Heemskerk 8-1-2013

sunset bendemeer

Eye, Sea, Sky

I got lost in the seas of your eyes.

Passed the border of time, that leached into many lives.

A crystal clear ship forged by the fire of your soul.

Little did i need know, the adventure docked and ready to go.

Shadow pointed the way, the forgotten now trusted.

Leed on, to the side of the moon were the light has not been mustered.

Leed on, to where ever it is you need, when your willing to go.

Far from here, this needy place, were the greed continues to grow.

Far beyond the spectrum of light, that meets our eye.

Transportation through the energy flow, that reaches beyond the sky.

© Deon Heemskerk 4-1-2013


The moons eyes

I saw the earth through the moons eyes.

Evaluating the human race as a whole,

on the one night we shine.

On the one night we forget our troubles,

fears and regrets.

Pass around the love and push the button reset.

Why couldn’t the rest of the year just be like this one?

Hope for the human race for peace and happiness surrounded by fun.

© Deon Heemskerk 4-1-2013