Lake to Sky

I pushed through the dark lakes surface.

My consciousness suspended in time,

like every other poor soul locked in the cycle.

I dried myself with a smile,

fed my soul on the sight of the moist forest.

Not a dollar to my name,

but the richest man on the earth with my health and happiness.

Picked a piece of a star,

shared it with a rising shining little light.

The sparks in others is there,

but not always in plain sight.

Misguided goals,

the dam holding themselves in.

To break free part of the journey,

a pilgrimage with no set path or destination.

Hardest part the break in before the break out,

those old habits and excuses.

The train line with missing links,

to get you to the next station.

Piece together the universe,

a connection is there you hold a part of it.

Dont dismiss a new idea or direction,

before it has time to bear fruit.

 © Deon Heemskerk 8-11-2012


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