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Little place

When we first met you were mystical,

strange and wild.

Hiding secrets in corners,

nature in an untamed style.

I only visited once,

before giving you my heart.

Granite stone strong spell,

washing over me from the start.

Day dreams that turned into reality,

afternoons spent in the sun.

As you continued to grow,

an evolution of myself had also begun.

You unlocked the gates of my hang ups,

started the flow into my soul.

You’re the special place up in those hills,

the place we now call home.

© Deon Heemskerk 30-11-2012


Saw Tell Morning

The morning sun peaked through the forest of hairs.

On the crowed sandy shoulder, were the lilly pilly stands.

The sand flows in and out, with the pull of time.

The sharp rocks refuse to bow, as they stand in line.

Crabs build day time ball marques, that will be set up again the next.

Rowed up in lines, that distinguish theirs from the neighbors fence.

Whiting fish stream through the shallows, sleek like lear jets.

Their noses pointed seaward, clearly thinking they are the best.

The sun rises full gaze, reflection like scales.

Early morning, eastern shoreline tales.

© Deon Heemskerk 27-11-2012

Bald Rock

We planted our feet upon that rock.

Our energy invested in getting to the top.

Freedom anchored in the huge stone.

The ancient place, were the green of the moss shone.

Corners with secret pockets, each with a story to tell.

The old pines stood like soldiers, waiting for the western glow.

Their twisted arms saluted the skyline.

We were rewarded with a view so divine.

A place that makes you feel uplifted and small at the same time.

© Deon Heemskerk 24-11-2012

The Path

Many mysteries hang like fog, around that track.

Lost in the journey forward, with no chance of finding the way back.

Only whispers of legends and triumphs, no evidence remains.

Many speak of the treasures that taking the path may gain.

Not a road most traveled, not the easiest path.

Up along there I can see bright flowers and the greenest of grass.

Steep and winding and shrouded with trees.

Heads into the mountains, with the smell of a sheer cliff breeze.

One step after another, how all journeys take place.

Into the future I step, upward my gaze.

 © Deon Heemskerk 9-11-2012



The Forest

We lie in the middle of this forest.

Your brown eyes hold the nurturing of the earth.

The green in mine reflected in the leaves above.

Genes from east and west have met,

here the best place.

The forest of tranquility,

peace resonating in this space.

Old relationship but renewed again,

just turning over the page.

Kept young by your smile,

genealogy hides your age.

Not out to conquer the world,

just a couple that happiness is the gauge.

 © Deon Heemskerk 9-11-2012

Lake to Sky

I pushed through the dark lakes surface.

My consciousness suspended in time,

like every other poor soul locked in the cycle.

I dried myself with a smile,

fed my soul on the sight of the moist forest.

Not a dollar to my name,

but the richest man on the earth with my health and happiness.

Picked a piece of a star,

shared it with a rising shining little light.

The sparks in others is there,

but not always in plain sight.

Misguided goals,

the dam holding themselves in.

To break free part of the journey,

a pilgrimage with no set path or destination.

Hardest part the break in before the break out,

those old habits and excuses.

The train line with missing links,

to get you to the next station.

Piece together the universe,

a connection is there you hold a part of it.

Dont dismiss a new idea or direction,

before it has time to bear fruit.

 © Deon Heemskerk 8-11-2012