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Pocket of Spring


The river sheoaks talked of the western breeze,
but it remained calm and still were i stood.
Sheltered by the shoulders of granite stone and hairy apple gums.

I looked out,
as though looking out the window on a cold morning.
Happy and content in my little bliss bubble.

Not wanting to ever leave,
an invisible barrier set by the wind at the end of our garden.

Shimmering leaves of a poplar,
dazzling like the tail of a peacock.

The warmth of spring rides in on the wave of the afternoon sun.
It prickles my hair as i catch pockets through the filtering gums.

The grass is cooling under foot,
the night now imminent.

Just a soul willing to float with nature,
the frequency of the season and the love of the energy in it.

 © Deon Heemskerk 26-10-2012


Special Spring Day

On a blue sky, special spring day.

The guests let the river float all their troubles away.

Smiles were given freely, love like the warmth of the sun.

A new chapter for this couple had just begun.

Guests filled the couple with kind words.

Beautiful food filled everyone’s bellies, all ate like lords.

A dream like day, the energy in this special place still remains.

The guests that made that happen, memories that are here to stay.

 © Deon Heemskerk 19-10-12

Picture(Thankyou Bec!)


The Trickle

Early morning trickle of sunshine on a spring day.

It bends through the trees , glows in the fogs haze.

The energy kisses the cold skin.

Only in the shade does the icing sugar begin.

Cheeky in its lateness, surprising a few unaware plants.

Magpie soaks up the rays, soccer ball round in his stance.

He rambles of the days beginnings.

Not caring if we are listening.

Many of us are too busy staring straight, to get a sideways glance.

Bring the bolt cutters and together we will cut the fence.

The paddock of freedom is always in plain sight.

Just look.

 © Deon Heemskerk 11-9-2012

Tickled stars

The stars twinkled and tickled my hair receptors.
The energy received sent them straight up in attention.

The calmness of the night, the deep sleep creeping in.
Batteries going into recharge as my eye lids grew thin.

Thoughts fading, green valley images emerging.
Imagination and blurred reality merging.

Were forgotten friends force their memories to return.
Even those with scissors and those that watched my emotions burn.

I will always have time for them, all its takes is a kind word.
Just blocked by an ego that has become their lord.

The lord that holds their head under water.
Blurs their vision and hold their hearts to torture.

This dream will never end, its reflective surface shining in.
The width of the moon on the river, will not grow thin.

 © Deon Heemskerk 9-9-2012