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Spring decision

The valley gets tickled with rain.

Here the earth shows no wounds or pain.

Dreams nest in the trees.

Spring song formed by passing birds and bees.

Leave your greed at the gate, no need for that poison here.

My mind remains clear, when not pointed with that spear.

Unfortunately there is a time when some immerse themselves with corruption.

You my friend have become more machine, than a real person.

I hold compassion for you but it will not satisfy your need.

Nor does the company I keep hold the conversation on which you feed.

The regeneration will not take place, while the fire still burns.

People you surround yourself with, effect how your soul will turn.

Purge or be purged, hang on to what is real.

Make some choices with your morals your hiding, not on how your wallet feels.

 © Deon Heemskerk 23-9-2012


Wide open

Time is irrelevant, feels like I have been floating through blank space for a millenia.

Guilt keeps me anchored to a nucleus.

The gravity of the earth on the moon.

Red dust therapy has got me yearning.

Wide open, freedom in these places.

Worry does not linger there.

There is no place for it to hide.

Flowing flat honesty, spirituality radiating.

Let my spirit glide, spread eagle earth.

Kilometres of horizon to be explored.

Let the suit men have their millimetres of office space to control.

They have no place in their hearts, for the freedom kilometres out there.

 © Deon Heemskerk 20-9-2012

Sky gazing

You could stand at the same spot and look at the sky and it would never be the same.
Subtle differences barely seen by the naked eye.
Pink light cloud gathering where the wedge tail flies.
Gaze on,
a minute better spent than an hour hurrying.
Clear mind rambling,
no words spoken,
much more humbling.
Where was this treat of freedom earlier in this chaotic day?
This view and cool mountain breeze, blowing my troubles away.

© Deon Heemskerk 19-9-2012

Lucky eyes

Italian wine touched my lips, freed up my feelings of you.

Your soul of white silk, flowing in a gentle breeze.

Singing sweet canary, stuck in my cage.

Held back by luckless dreams and fears.

Your heart the tide washing in over mine.

Beating to a rhythm of kindness.

I’m a pirate stealing your love, more than I deserve.

Many courses of  bricks lower, than the wall you deserve to walk on.

Just recently I have been unlucky in a lot of areas but one.

Sweet spring rainbow, that on my eyes has now been bestowed.

© Deon Heemskerk 18-9-2012


It was just what was needed.

Every grain of soil that dropped from my hand took some tension with it.

Every green tree that flirted with my eye took some pressure away too.

The granite boulders strengthening my soul.

The flowing river kept my blood pumping.

A white plume of cloud, keeping my mind-set light.

Little bird keep signing, my ears are listening.

No uncontrollable matters speak here today.

The perfect corner of my existence.

Worth much more than I had thought.

Freedom to just stop.

No running in desperation or fear.

Luck am I.

© Deon Heemskerk 17-9-2012


Falling spring

Sweet spring shower falls on the dry flour earth.

Cool droplets of relief, for wind whipped trees.

Washing away dust particles of a terrible day.


The violent storm building, that punched its way through the hills.

Scared animals took cover from the snapping and groaning.

The relentless waves of air, the building friction in the sky.

The deafening warning shouts, that came from above.


No sooner had it hit, it had dispersed into a serene rhythm.

A steady calm shower,


Nature sighing.

© Deon Heemskerk 14-9-2012