Sniff of Spring

Sniff of Spring

Small cotton balls form clusters,
they hang like chandeliers
waiting to burst full of colour.

Tips of fine green hair
just above the surface,
Signs the ground is about to rupture.

Pockets of sweet impregnated air,
waits for warmer air to surf on.

Honey bees ready for the busy shift,
humming for the punch drunk pollen
they work on.

The hum,
the newborn chirp,
the seasons theme song,
same but different every year.

The plum flower so early,
chance of destruction by a late frozen tear.

Chocolate cake soil,
waits for the oven to be turned on.
Then it will give rise and grow.

The arrival of the best time of year.
Accumulation of enthusiasm,
growing with the natural flow.

© Deon Heemskerk 30-8-2012


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