Restless cold

Restless cold

In the cold of the morning, the frost cannot freeze your thoughts.

A restless nights sleep, no clarity it has brought.

The early morning sun kisses the side of your cheek.

It’s the warmth of direction and focus you seek.

The struggle within, the struggle many face.

True passion, that must be freedom the lucky taste.

The hope of yours, may become the disappointment of others.

Responsibilities stack and time increases the smoulder.

They shouldnt be called cross roads, there is more than just right and left.

Many tracks to choose from, which consoles your soul best?

The easiest path is never the right one.

If you had of walked up the hill, you would have won.

The time lost in limbo on the plain, easy walking but no fun.

Time to hit the hill and head for the sun.

© Deon Heemskerk 16-12-2012




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