Just are

Just are

We are just the vessels of emotions moving along the plain of time.
What we fill up on, is what we give out.

Age just a measurement that doesn’t define us.
Nor does the accumulation of material objects and debt that surrounds us.

Greed will poison every cell in your body, push the best things in life out of your reach.
A plasticized human shell with no soul beneath.

How many rich people would you say are beautiful souls?
None i have ever met or seen have reached that goal.

Wealth on the other hand is how you perceive it.
I see the Dalai lama as one of the wealthiest souls on the planet.
His life rich with wisdom and happiness.
Fills others with hope, not fear in a boardroom.

As the dust starts to settle on your timeline, will you be happy with what you gained?
Souls that you help to lift, or the ones that you maimed.

 © Deon Heemskerk 21-7-2012


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