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Rotten Fun

Rotten Fun

Blood Sunset eyes from rotten fun.

Only the moon forgets what the sun has done.

Cast a shadow over your better ways.

Only the sharp edge of the guilt stays.

Random images from the reflection of night.

Drink time haze, the poison’s crippling might.

Stall on progress and creative thought.

Sadness from what the wounded children had brought.

Stories of anger wrapped in relationship pain.

Their souls left slowly fading and slain.

Veins topped with the forgetting juice.

The night escape and the next days excuse.

© Deon Heemskerk 27-7-2012


Just are

Just are

We are just the vessels of emotions moving along the plain of time.
What we fill up on, is what we give out.

Age just a measurement that doesn’t define us.
Nor does the accumulation of material objects and debt that surrounds us.

Greed will poison every cell in your body, push the best things in life out of your reach.
A plasticized human shell with no soul beneath.

How many rich people would you say are beautiful souls?
None i have ever met or seen have reached that goal.

Wealth on the other hand is how you perceive it.
I see the Dalai lama as one of the wealthiest souls on the planet.
His life rich with wisdom and happiness.
Fills others with hope, not fear in a boardroom.

As the dust starts to settle on your timeline, will you be happy with what you gained?
Souls that you help to lift, or the ones that you maimed.

 © Deon Heemskerk 21-7-2012



This rain falls like the dispair that wells in your eyes.
He landed you with the worst kind of surprise.

He sleeps where he lays his head, not where he makes the bed.

Banking only deceit in this relationship vault.
Its currency worth nothing now, evaporating into salt.

The abrasiveness of the break up wearing down your soul.
Should have listened to all those friends, you used to know.

Lost years, stung, mummified on his web.
Lies you were given, as his ego was fed.

Distance the only cure from the black hole of affection.
The world of darkness surrounds you, as you search for a new direction.

© Deon Heemskerk 13-7-2012

Spirits of Consumption

Spirits Of Consumption

When I shifted my gaze it was too late.
You had emptied the castle and locked the gate.

Your light bulb cracked above your head.
The future plans that had not been met.

Somehow I became the unlikely foe.
My happiness on you did not grow.

Your burning drum, fueled by the spirits of consumption.
My smile and busy life, not caring your interpretation.

I will be the first to admit that my sails caught a lucky wind.
Gently guided by a bright soul, warmth in her caring.

You must remember that at any time, things could become unfortunate for me.
That’s why I smile, not take things for granted and must be happy.

© Deon Heemskerk 11-7-2012



Blessed? No! Its you beautiful people!
Thoughts of me through beautiful gifts.
Humbling resolution.
I’m Just a vine growing in a field.
You my Friends are my sun, allowing me to grow.
Gems of warmth in humanities valley.
Life’s river has clustered us together.
Lucky I am, that you count me as your friend.

© Deon Heemskerk 10-7-2012