Mr negative life

Mr negative life

A token greeting with no feeling behind it.

Take the negative or focus on the fact your trying.

Your sarcasm weighs heavy on your breath.

Almost like you have something you need to get off your chest.

Or is it just the abrasive salt of your suffering.

Grinding away on your insides, behind your insults you are hiding.

Your past torments follow you like a bad smell.

The collection of karma you wear so well.

This heavy trench coat you drag through life.

Compounding interest, heavy with strife.

My optimism bounces off, you have an impenetrable oily layer.

Some how you take my optimism, twist it and return it much graver.

I have never met anyone else with such a bitter outlook.

Have you ever taken on someone elses opinion? Or expended your knowledge with a book?

To think when I was young I valued your opinion.

Now I have a taste for growth and a lifting freedom.

Free from the worry of what you think of me.

I express my self and I don’t care who sees.

You sit in your shed stewing on your poison rot.

Fewer and fewer ears visit these days, to listen to what your got.

© Deon Heemskerk 20-6-2012


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