Your Path

Your Path

The most positive path is never the easiest.

Always challenging but does not have to be Everest.

My worse enemy, my own shadow.

Talking me down, with negative words and whispers of sorrow.

Fear of failure and a chip on my shoulder.

Time for the next leap, not to let the ideas smoulder.

Come out of my shell and stop hiding behind a mood.

Where dark ideas linger and negative actions brood.

Just one positive action, can change your path through time.

Much greener a path, much sweeter air to find.

Cross the clear creek and into the hills beyond.

There will always be snakes around, trying to steal your song.

Poisons to slow the progressions you have made.

Pitfalls and caverns close at hand, to get you waylaid.

Its much easier to be the downfallen and forgotten.

Write your self off and be bitter for the things that you weren’t given.

It makes more sence now to swim against the tide.

In an age where society is floating in a bloated sence of false pride.

© Deon Heemskerk 25-5-2012


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