Insurance monster

Insurance monster

Living off the commission of people’s fear.

Selling them false hopes, smooth lies whispered in their ear.

High fives after contracts are signed, wallowing in his own self-importance.

Banking on the general publics, stupidity and ignorance.

The masters apprentice, sits and soaks up the lies.

This monster wears a dress shirt and tie.

His proper well manicured english, promotes an educated background.

Just another corporation con man, from the ”big town”.

His social scene, slithering around in the corporate sector.

This down to earth girl, life changed the day he met her.

Swept up in his whirl wind silky moves.

Never will she return to her own groove.

Bolt on body enhancements, trying to make him stay.

Like it was her fault, that he strayed.

Another bar, another gullible ear for the aging silver tongue.

No expense spared, while he is wooing the young.

Just fresh into adult life, he targets their naive ways.

This insurance monster only knows one way how to behave.

© Deon Heemskerk 8-5-2012



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