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Your Path

Your Path

The most positive path is never the easiest.

Always challenging but does not have to be Everest.

My worse enemy, my own shadow.

Talking me down, with negative words and whispers of sorrow.

Fear of failure and a chip on my shoulder.

Time for the next leap, not to let the ideas smoulder.

Come out of my shell and stop hiding behind a mood.

Where dark ideas linger and negative actions brood.

Just one positive action, can change your path through time.

Much greener a path, much sweeter air to find.

Cross the clear creek and into the hills beyond.

There will always be snakes around, trying to steal your song.

Poisons to slow the progressions you have made.

Pitfalls and caverns close at hand, to get you waylaid.

Its much easier to be the downfallen and forgotten.

Write your self off and be bitter for the things that you weren’t given.

It makes more sence now to swim against the tide.

In an age where society is floating in a bloated sence of false pride.

© Deon Heemskerk 25-5-2012


Party Girl

Party Girl

She looks like trouble with those glossy lips and perfect face.

High maintenance life and a cold gaze.

Those eyes don’t look like they have slept in days.

Party going friends, show a barrage of frays.

A bag full of emotions but contentment isn’t one.

If hatred didn’t shine through, you would look like fun.

The weight of your sober life hangs heavy on your soul.

Getting smashed and random encounters, seem to be your goal.

Seedy stories attached to your social media photos.

Travel and party, responsibility zero.

Middle age will crash hard on your shore.

Heavy denial but the lines in the sand reveal all.

Weathered stone tells the story of time.

Time to sort through the ships wrecked on your coastline.

© Deon Heemskerk 19-5-2012



The fog flows through your forest but your protected from the frost.

Protected from the elements, but emotional confusion you’re not.

The greatest gift becomes your greatest weakness.

Sheltered from the winds but also the radiant sunsets.

Your soft skin too brittle to take the day on your own.

Unable to stray from the protection of your forest, for too long.

To seek out new souls, grow tall but still stay in touch with the ground.

Wishing the world would blow your way and friends that you never found.

Your dreams evaporate but the fog still remains.

A preserving mist but your soul growth it will claim.

There you will stay for the rest of your days, afraid to leave on your own.

Dreaming of exploring the world, but afraid of a little cold.

© Deon Heemskerk 18-5-2012

Mountain Winter

Mountain winter

Sunset eagle circles the mountain tip.

First winter breeze stings my lip.

Cold stars rise from the western pink glow.

This is the start of the winter, mountain topper’s know.

The afternoon birds, eat the last of the day’s food.

The Macdonald sets a flowing contentive mood.

The granite boulders huddle in the last of the suns rays.

The changing of the season guard, is evident today.

The moons stainless edge, cuts into the darkness.

Reflecting off the river and into the emptiness.

slight cool shiver hits the top of my spine.

Warm house fire thoughts, seemingly divine.

© Deon Heemskerk 17-5-2012

Sad Gaze

 Sad Gaze

Your eyes came alive with red lightning.

The fire brewed in the spirit, you had been drinking.

A dust storm settled around your soul.

You became a little abrasive, to all those you know.

The hail whipped your back, on the clearest of days.

Even when the sun dries up the puddle, the pain stays.

Bare foot walk across broken glass.

The shards deep as the feelings from the past.

Peoples questions mine deep,  drilling for your best.

Your secrets kept in a vault, close to your chest.

The only thing escaping, the vented feelings.

Radiating illness, sadness and hatred seepage.

It bubbles to the top, tied back down to a liquid knot.

A rupturing heart, its burning magma flow.

Fist of fire-ball energy, capped with the hearts snow.

The messages wont breach the hearts walls, but floats in your head.

Trying to catch a miracle, in life’s flimsy web.

© Deon Heemskerk 10-5-2012

Insurance monster

Insurance monster

Living off the commission of people’s fear.

Selling them false hopes, smooth lies whispered in their ear.

High fives after contracts are signed, wallowing in his own self-importance.

Banking on the general publics, stupidity and ignorance.

The masters apprentice, sits and soaks up the lies.

This monster wears a dress shirt and tie.

His proper well manicured english, promotes an educated background.

Just another corporation con man, from the ”big town”.

His social scene, slithering around in the corporate sector.

This down to earth girl, life changed the day he met her.

Swept up in his whirl wind silky moves.

Never will she return to her own groove.

Bolt on body enhancements, trying to make him stay.

Like it was her fault, that he strayed.

Another bar, another gullible ear for the aging silver tongue.

No expense spared, while he is wooing the young.

Just fresh into adult life, he targets their naive ways.

This insurance monster only knows one way how to behave.

© Deon Heemskerk 8-5-2012