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Letter of thought

Letter of thought

Words through wine from an over flowing mind.

It’s far better to be baking good thoughts, than being unkind.

A thought costs nothing but can be expensive to share.

Beautiful if taken the right way, the wrong a nightmare.

A wine too acidic, too little, lacking complexity.

The middle road lacking extreme joy, but lacking anxiety.

I see you though life’s fog in the modern forest.

The only thing that is clear, your vertues honest.

A bright clear star on the darkest of night.

Keeping my foot steps straight, a heart so bright.

irresponsible not to talk about your beautiful soul.

The longer we are apart, the closer my battery gets to low.

Souls of your kind live on a different plain.

Live for the good of others, not out of personal gain.

I’m far more spoilt than I deserve.

My hand in yours, no part of my heart left in reserve.

 © Deon Heemskerk 29-4-2012



Winter Pill

Winter Pill

My mind is awash with pastels, not greys.

 The feel of a slight spring haze, the suns smileing rays.

Sweet words spoken softly, through a rose scented breeze.

Melt the heaviest of soul freeze.

Happiness and contentment, not sadness and dismay.

Soul sinkers hard to find, on the calmest of days.

White gum blossoms, fall like snow.

Drunk pollen bees hum, their spring thirst will grow.

These thoughts of spring days spent with you.

Will get me through my winter day gloom.

 © Deon Heemskerk 28-4-2012

Fading Friend

Fading Friend

Your hesitating too long, the long grass surrounds your car.

Rot has set into your shoes, road to the future too far.

Getting forgotten by your friends it can be seen.

Not part of their club or social circle, it would seem.

The little fading light of thought in their mind.

Your not that important, that they can find the time.

Not quit cool enough.

Not cold enough to bite.

Cherish the thought that they will think back again.

Might give them a smile, maybe even remember their friend.

© Deon Heemskerk 20-4-2012

unhealthy fray

Unhealthy Fray

His ambitions lay gathering dust on a shelf.

He has lost all confidence in himself.

Fighting through the fog of a modern system.

Hangover from the lies he has been drinking.

Unable to make sence of senseless greed.

People filling their pockets with more than they need.

Degradation of society with an increasing population.

No aid for you, unless there’s resources in your nation.

For the love of people but for the hate of their ways.

He looks for a clearing, a lifestyle away from an unhealthy fray.

© Deon Heemskerk 13-4-2012

Seed of thought

Seed of thought

Little seed of thought washed into the sea.

Little did they know that it would bring them to their knees.

Power to the unknowing.

Justice to the wielding.

One powerful little spark, and an idea now viral.

Cyclone of change its spiral uplifting.


The now calm lake, volcano lays dormant.

World now so pure, reflection worth seeing.

The ripple effect, taken effect.

The people now in charge of their destiny.

© Deon Heemskerk 5-4-2012

old times

old times

A foregone era, live and work hard, but a life much simpler.

Family shelter built with their own hands.

Solid, sturdy, no need for red tape plans.

Rusting dreams, left under the old tree.

Once the pride of its time, now left just to be.

Feeding off the fruits of their labour.

Good year, lean year, belly fullness depending on the weather.

Old photos tell of the hardness in their eyes.

Strength we need now, draw from those old times.

© Deon Heemskerk 5-4-2012