Dangers of an active mind

Dangers of an active mind

Dew drops sit on leaf tops, reflecting light into my eye.

The dawn creeps across the sky, finally the night will die.

The clouds form fish skeletons, pink, orange and yellow.

Early morning in the country, the best type of mellow.

Shaking off the hangover of sleep, conciseness gone missing.

The canyon of missing time, reality and events twisting.

Excitable lighting bolts of imagination, turn good sleep to bad.

Blanket of thoughts over the mind, to leave the dream I am glad.

The drowsiness of the night shift, is effecting my day time persona.

A mind slowly shifting into gear, working on a work disorder.

Lack of solid sleep has me perched between moody and drowsy drunk.

Not sure whether to get stroppy or laugh, my mind an apple rolling in an empty trunk.

The only promise, is the promise of a long day ahead.

Caffeine to keep me alive, till I revisit the bed.

© Deon Heemskerk 24-2-2012


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