Dreams no Goals

Dreams No Goals

I have dreams but no goals, seems this is a bad thing.

Sometimes I feel like a spider on the end of his string, swaying in the wind.

Not sure where I should cast or anchor the next thread.

Driving slow in the dark, but with no lights on to see ahead.

No confidence in myself, that my dreams will come.

Workman filling holes in the road, that washout again when the rain is done.

Each unfulfilled dream a massive pothole and blown tyre.

Deflating my confidence and changing my desire.

Walking the white line someone has painted for you, seems so easy to do.

Nowhere near like going into a jungle and cutting your own path through.

Why do my dreams seem so left field?

Is it my own self doubt, that wont let them yield.

So scared to be different, to fail and fall on my face.

The spider trying to catch the grasshopper after his had a taste.

He will have to spin his web triple as thick, because surely it will break.

I don’t want to live my life thinking ‘what if’, that would be a mistake.

© Deon Heemskerk 8-2-2012


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