Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Sometimes its hard to see the good in other people, when your caught up in your own self hate.

Masked by a sarcastic wit, the hate we can radiate.

Led easily up the garden path, trying to stay on the highway of expressive thought.

The peace and freshness, the new day brought.

Fresh eyes are better when an old problem arrives.

Steam locomotive, with all our anxieties hiding inside.

Getting caught up in others lives, when we have a perfectly good one ourselves.

Social media and gossip, hide the reality to the back of the shelf.

Energy refocus, destination in design.

Cannot save starving children, but can move mountains for a mine.

The system is working perfectly, little slaves moving to a labouring  tune.

Debt and a working life, we have been fed for years with a spoon.

Any creativeness bred out or suppressed, as if a strange disease.

Mathematics and corporate mentality, surely more likely to please.

Success measured on the boastability of your kids carriers.

Passion and contentment unmeasured by your peers.

What goes up must come down, just as the sun rises and sets.

A life lived for purely personal gain, is easy to forget.

 © Deon Heemskerk 7-2-2012




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