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Bright eyed star child, of what has become.

Ten years have passed and your spark has succumb.

My heart dropped , when I saw the sadness in your face.

What event unfolded, that made you age at this pace?

When i last saw you, bright-eyed and ready to take off.

What misfortunes bestowed you?

Sent you spearing into the trough?

Terrible waste of potential.

Fabulous wall of denial.

You settled for far less than you should have.

Your parents still dreaming of what could have.

The journeys train and track I have not seen.

But i have seen what is now and what has been.

Barley a tenth of the soul that I remember.

A heart sunken, much slender.

Many a valley to climb out of to return.

Much easier to let the hate and inner discontent burn.

Many would not care how you have turned out.

Tragic sadness for those who saw the sparkles in your eyes dwindle and finally go out.

© Deon Heemskerk 27-2-2012


Dangers of an active mind

Dangers of an active mind

Dew drops sit on leaf tops, reflecting light into my eye.

The dawn creeps across the sky, finally the night will die.

The clouds form fish skeletons, pink, orange and yellow.

Early morning in the country, the best type of mellow.

Shaking off the hangover of sleep, conciseness gone missing.

The canyon of missing time, reality and events twisting.

Excitable lighting bolts of imagination, turn good sleep to bad.

Blanket of thoughts over the mind, to leave the dream I am glad.

The drowsiness of the night shift, is effecting my day time persona.

A mind slowly shifting into gear, working on a work disorder.

Lack of solid sleep has me perched between moody and drowsy drunk.

Not sure whether to get stroppy or laugh, my mind an apple rolling in an empty trunk.

The only promise, is the promise of a long day ahead.

Caffeine to keep me alive, till I revisit the bed.

© Deon Heemskerk 24-2-2012

Sea, Blue sky

Sea, Blue sky

Blue sky over head, to a life lost to the sea.

They zigzag over head, but they search now aimlessly.

A story told of a troubled life, now of the torture she is free.

Waves crash over the golden sands, where her soul is now to be.

Her heart can be with the dolphins, happiness in socializing they find.

Jump free of the substances, that controlled your clouded mind.

The waves now her voice, to a family in despair.

The tide will change, the sand will move, only time will heal and repair.

© Deon Heemskerk 23-2-2012



Their ambition in the sky, gold they see by the sea.

Advertising their brands, importance to be seen.

A world that doesn’t extend further than this coastal strip.

Centre fold trophy girl, doesn’t move more than two inches from his hip.

Divorces, money and real estate, the topics of the day.

They eat, breath and smell money, I miss the smell of fresh-cut hay.

The granite boulders of home and the slower pace of life.

 Here, anchored yachts line expensive parking lots, boasting is rife.

Circles of boring pretty girls, out for a nights play.

Self centred, immature, little robots, doing it the gossip girls way.

Social media, fake smile, glamour shots, will make it look they had the time of their lives.

It will be only five minutes after they leave, before they get out their knives.

Dotted little gems of good people, a few clear grains of sand on a golden beach.

Only wish to the rest of these people, their down to earth values they would teach.

Swamp was drained to build for the ‘high and mighty’.

They think they are the pinnacle, but really a sinking society.

© Deon Heemskerk 21-2-2012


Dreams no Goals

Dreams No Goals

I have dreams but no goals, seems this is a bad thing.

Sometimes I feel like a spider on the end of his string, swaying in the wind.

Not sure where I should cast or anchor the next thread.

Driving slow in the dark, but with no lights on to see ahead.

No confidence in myself, that my dreams will come.

Workman filling holes in the road, that washout again when the rain is done.

Each unfulfilled dream a massive pothole and blown tyre.

Deflating my confidence and changing my desire.

Walking the white line someone has painted for you, seems so easy to do.

Nowhere near like going into a jungle and cutting your own path through.

Why do my dreams seem so left field?

Is it my own self doubt, that wont let them yield.

So scared to be different, to fail and fall on my face.

The spider trying to catch the grasshopper after his had a taste.

He will have to spin his web triple as thick, because surely it will break.

I don’t want to live my life thinking ‘what if’, that would be a mistake.

© Deon Heemskerk 8-2-2012

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Sometimes its hard to see the good in other people, when your caught up in your own self hate.

Masked by a sarcastic wit, the hate we can radiate.

Led easily up the garden path, trying to stay on the highway of expressive thought.

The peace and freshness, the new day brought.

Fresh eyes are better when an old problem arrives.

Steam locomotive, with all our anxieties hiding inside.

Getting caught up in others lives, when we have a perfectly good one ourselves.

Social media and gossip, hide the reality to the back of the shelf.

Energy refocus, destination in design.

Cannot save starving children, but can move mountains for a mine.

The system is working perfectly, little slaves moving to a labouring  tune.

Debt and a working life, we have been fed for years with a spoon.

Any creativeness bred out or suppressed, as if a strange disease.

Mathematics and corporate mentality, surely more likely to please.

Success measured on the boastability of your kids carriers.

Passion and contentment unmeasured by your peers.

What goes up must come down, just as the sun rises and sets.

A life lived for purely personal gain, is easy to forget.

 © Deon Heemskerk 7-2-2012



Pre wedding rain

Pre wedding rain

The mist of yesterdays rain makes a beautiful red dawn.

Limbs lay on the ground, with the great weight of the rain they were torn.

New hope of a blue sky, will clear the blues away.

Lifting heavy hearts, like the evaporating rain.

Words spoken to each other, but taken by many ears.

Investment in each others future, sharing hopes and fears.

Mixing pot of people, characters from past and present here.

A song, a laugh, some gentle banter, even a shedding tear.

The nights crickets start their song as the crowd’s volume increases.

The crowd dwindling in size, people sneak off in bits and pieces.

A large moon rises, only the rowdy remain.

Their drunken laughing banter, will be swapped tomorrow with pain.

The wedding couple now stow away from friends and family.

Their future now two vines intertwining in the sun, they grow together happily.

© Deon Heemskerk 7-2-2012