Rapids and white gums


Tiny little dust particles mingle in the morning light.

 Slight movement passed makes them swirl mid-flight.

Fresh morning brings in a different view.

Steam off a cup of tea settles on the nose, like the morning dew.

The rapids make ripples in the river’s surface.

Tiny whirlpools trap leaves in one place.

So many people trapped in their own made whirlpool.

Massive anchoring dept, the making of the new age fool.

Single minded, money focused, little rowboats trying go against the flow.

Empire building beavers, think they have it sorted but little do they know.

That one day the pressure will build up and it all will let go.

Bendy white gum

Twisted white limbs reach into the sky.

Fluffed up kookaburra ready to fly.

Stringy bark falls to the ground.

Ants guard their mound.

Sticky substance found.

Sweet nectar.


Insect eater

Spikes protect her.

Long  tongued ant hunter.

Into the night they scurry.

Danger, they dig in a hurry.

Left behind fertilizer for the white gum.

 © Deon Heemskerk 12-1-12



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