Another driveway upgrade

Bobcat back running and working, Dad and I spent a day attacking the driveway.


We put in two dry creek beds with two contours to take the water off and spread it out through the garden.

This stone weighed about 300kg, doesn’t look like it would but granite is so dense.


 Boy and Father

Boy and father against the world.

Many stones and boulders they have hurled.

The battle set against the rain.

Deviation of the runoff, sets on muscle pain.

Storm cloud clock, ticks overhead.

The burning sun put to bed.

Thirty metre steep terrain, is the battle field.

They dig in deep, they will  not yield.

They have the upper hand, a mechanical friend.

Heavy loads lifted easy, this job he will see to the end.

Cold beverage meets them at the end of play.

Boy and father live to fight another day.

© Deon Heemskerk 20-12-2011


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