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Someone’s story

Someone’s story

I watched as a flood of depression washed in.

The rain of emotions still falling, your dam walls too thin.

The cracks showing the extent of your pain.

Massive dept, had you building on the unstable  flood plain.

Setting yourself up for destruction.

Discarding real friends and surrounding yourself with masters of manipulation.

I saw your fake smile and your real frown in a puddle reflection.

You didn’t notice me see the sadness in your eyes and make the connection.

The same old me is only a call away, im here for a mate.

My fear is that your pride won’t let you, a padlocked, guarded gate.

 © Deon Heemskerk 30-1-2012


Country music week

Country Music Week

Neat, tidy, polished town, just for the week.

In come the visitors and the country music they seek.

The kegs run dry, these are thirsty times.

Escape the thoughts of their hectic lives.

The hot, super radiated, summer heat.

In their tents they marinate like meat.

No overnight cool off, just a steady bake.

In the shade of some trees,  refuge they will take.

Ten gallon hats, boots and tight jeans.

The biggest belt buckles you have ever seen.

Lay the belt buckle in the hot sun.

Brake out the sausages, the feast has begun.

Beers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The girls are looking fitter and thinner.

The night becomes a blur as beer turns to rum.

It’s the Tamworth country music festival of fun.

 © Deon Heemskerk 27-1-2012

Happy Australia Day

Tomorrow is Australia day, so i thought i would get this off my chest today and enjoy tomorrows festivities.

Happy Australia Day

Woke to a morning that should be fresh.

The Pilliga forest becoming an oozing mess.

A government that has turned its back on the land.

On the people who feed this country, with bloody blistered hands.

Those long deep corporation fingers, piece into the earth.

Extraction at any cost, the race to get it first.

The same long fingers piecing the politicians soul.

It blackens their heart, personal gain their goal.

Treating the people they represent as a joke.

Selling off our future, while on mining dust we choke.

Hunter Valley kids breath in that particle breeze.

If the air was like that in Canberra, the mining would freeze.

We will never have to fear a foreign invasion.

Our government will sell Australia to the highest bidding nation.

 © Deon Heemskerk 25-1-2012

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Rant over 🙂

Rapids and white gums


Tiny little dust particles mingle in the morning light.

 Slight movement passed makes them swirl mid-flight.

Fresh morning brings in a different view.

Steam off a cup of tea settles on the nose, like the morning dew.

The rapids make ripples in the river’s surface.

Tiny whirlpools trap leaves in one place.

So many people trapped in their own made whirlpool.

Massive anchoring dept, the making of the new age fool.

Single minded, money focused, little rowboats trying go against the flow.

Empire building beavers, think they have it sorted but little do they know.

That one day the pressure will build up and it all will let go.

Bendy white gum

Twisted white limbs reach into the sky.

Fluffed up kookaburra ready to fly.

Stringy bark falls to the ground.

Ants guard their mound.

Sticky substance found.

Sweet nectar.


Insect eater

Spikes protect her.

Long  tongued ant hunter.

Into the night they scurry.

Danger, they dig in a hurry.

Left behind fertilizer for the white gum.

 © Deon Heemskerk 12-1-12


New years day

New years day

Half lemon moon spits light into the sky.

Somewhere in the darkness part of my soul has gone to die.

Hangover poison beating my body down.

New year optimism exchanged for a frown.

Night train with different mood stations.

Hard to know the next destination.

Carrying weight from an unknown source.

Thicker gravity, pushing with extra force.

Lost in a forest of hopeless thoughts.

Mid air swings, more mind battles to be fought.

 © Deon Heemskerk 1-1-2012

New years eve

New Years eve

Anticipation builds, as the bubbles rise from the brew.

New hopes and dreams, shared over a few.

An unusual cool summer breaths calmness over the land.

Reassuring future, showed by a loving hand.

Reset the year again, time to start fresh.

New challenges ahead, academic mind will be put to the test.

For now there is fun to be had, So let’s do our best.

To let our hair down just tonight and forget the rest.

 © Deon Heemskerk 1-1-2012 


Another driveway upgrade

Bobcat back running and working, Dad and I spent a day attacking the driveway.


We put in two dry creek beds with two contours to take the water off and spread it out through the garden.

This stone weighed about 300kg, doesn’t look like it would but granite is so dense.


 Boy and Father

Boy and father against the world.

Many stones and boulders they have hurled.

The battle set against the rain.

Deviation of the runoff, sets on muscle pain.

Storm cloud clock, ticks overhead.

The burning sun put to bed.

Thirty metre steep terrain, is the battle field.

They dig in deep, they will  not yield.

They have the upper hand, a mechanical friend.

Heavy loads lifted easy, this job he will see to the end.

Cold beverage meets them at the end of play.

Boy and father live to fight another day.

© Deon Heemskerk 20-12-2011