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A collection

A collection of poems that have come through what has been a busy festive season so far.

Nearly Home

I’m nearly home, the green Moonbi ranges against a deep blue sky.

Gate way to the new england, to the slopes I say goodbye.

I’m heading north the mountain slowing my speed.

The calmer I get with the more cool mountain air I breath.

Wallaby family in a clearing settle in to watch the traffic.

Road sign shows a winding road graphic.

The traffic their television and the grass their dinner.

As sunset arrives off to the east, the first stars shimmer.

Our little place tucked into a hill.

Hugged by gums, Macdonald river slowly flowing, peaceful, quiet and still.


Strange Dream

Strange dream, blanket descends on my mind.

The sky turns purple, gravity hard to find.

The wind blows straight up, suspending emotions in time.

Dutch windmill on the horizon, inside golden wheat it grinds.

Summer heat haze but very comfortable temperature.

Creeper covered white castle, the valleys beautiful feature.

Air so clean, the sweet taste of natures breath.

Flocks of birds dance in the sky, putting their skills to the test.

Willow sways back and forth to a blues tune.

It’s the middle of the day but there’s also a full moon.

The moon chases the sun across the purple dome.

Handshake with my shadow, single consensus overthrown.

End of another night and start of a new day.

Back to the land of the living or is it the other way?


 Dream Hangover

Woke up dazed and confused.

Night afer night, vivid dreams shine through.

A mind running in overdrive, an over flowing imagination dam.

Previously subdued consensus, a now opened can.

Memories and emotions from the night-time life, hangover into the day.

Deja vu conversations now come into play.

Trying to make sence of senseless situations, places never visited.

Waves of thoughts running through my head.

Dreaming of dreams that bring peaceful sleep.

Days started fresh and full sanity to keep.

 © Deon Heemskerk 10-12-11




Bendemeer white gum

Bendemeer white gum

 They stand grouped in white silence.

Watching human ants, their mood so tense.

Daily activity to grow and be stong.

In forks and hollows, king parrot chicks are nursed along.

No single character, physically the same.

Beautifully twisted, shedding bark again.

Silent sentries watching over the land.

Holding it together with their anchoring hands.

The home beacon for all those that live in this valley.

At the end of a long trip, at first sight makes many happy.

A tree that takes little but gives a lot back.

Bendemeer white gum, along the old new england track.

© Deon Heemskerk 27-11-11