Rain work

Rain work

The rain pitta pattas on his back.

Little dams well and drop from his hat.

Grey sheets descend on the green mountain side.

Rock wallaby looks for shelter to hide.

Moss springs back to life, like a sponge taking water.

Valley echos with kookaburra laughter.

Wetter and wetter he will get.

But the day isn’t over to the expectations are met.

The peace of the valley washes over his skin.

Might chill his spine but his soul full to the brim.

New Man

Very blue, a deeper shade of mellow.

Quirky sort, a strange type of fellow.

Going out of his way to avoid the corporate snake.

Happy to sip wine and walk through the grapes.

Hiding in the hills from his past shadows.

In the clear stream, his new reflections values.

Not just him now looking back from that reflection..

love and natures guidance his new forward direction.

Now these two vines futures intertwined.

Peace and sweet fruit, all in good time.

 © Deon Heemskerk 25-11-11



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