Big boys sand pit

Having taken work’s bobcat up for the week, it was time to have some fun in the sand pit. Well my sand pit, aka flattened area that will be for entertaining.

Ten Cubic metres of sandy loam I moved into this area.

Someone must have known i had the bobcat up at home and ordered a massive storm. It ripped through at about 9pm last night dumping a fair bit of rain damaging the driveway again. At least not as badly this time, more on that later…

Planted a few more grape vines, not even close to been finished yet!

There is always time to look at the garden and write some poetry.

To my love

When we first met, I had castle walls around my heart.

Pride my greatest defence, fools ideas from the start.

Slowly your wisdom and beauty dissolved the great stone.

In its place a beautiful relationship has grown.

Sometimes I still wear that selfish blindfold.

Not realising how it hurts the one I hold.

Our lives like a hemp rope woven together.

The fabric wearing in, withstanding the weather.

The Cherry tree will not fruit without another.

My life is not complete without you either.

Deon Heemskerk 23-10-11


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