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Big boys sand pit

Having taken work’s bobcat up for the week, it was time to have some fun in the sand pit. Well my sand pit, aka flattened area that will be for entertaining.

Ten Cubic metres of sandy loam I moved into this area.

Someone must have known i had the bobcat up at home and ordered a massive storm. It ripped through at about 9pm last night dumping a fair bit of rain damaging the driveway again. At least not as badly this time, more on that later…

Planted a few more grape vines, not even close to been finished yet!

There is always time to look at the garden and write some poetry.

To my love

When we first met, I had castle walls around my heart.

Pride my greatest defence, fools ideas from the start.

Slowly your wisdom and beauty dissolved the great stone.

In its place a beautiful relationship has grown.

Sometimes I still wear that selfish blindfold.

Not realising how it hurts the one I hold.

Our lives like a hemp rope woven together.

The fabric wearing in, withstanding the weather.

The Cherry tree will not fruit without another.

My life is not complete without you either.

Deon Heemskerk 23-10-11


Spring has set in!

Still on the mend but plenty of time for weekend wandering and pondering around the garden.

Spring has set in

As day breaks the birds begin to sing.

Low early fog is still lingering.

Burning off as the sun rises overhead.

The early spring tulips drop petals as they shed.

Lush green grass sprouts up ready to mow.

Wine grape leaves just starting to show.

My spirit high in this healing time.

Your bad mood has no effect on the days shine.

Nature child where has your happiness gone?

What pleases you more the flower or the stone?

The dependable stone, so solid and always there.

The short-lived flower, its beauty so rare.

Soon the summer will come and the flowers will fade.

The stone will heat up when you’re looking for shade.

So decide on one or be happy with both.

For today is a spring day and we should make the most.

Deon Heemskerk 16-10-11


Due to some major dental work, after a nasty infection i havn’t been able to do much around the place but i have been able to use a pen.


Low Dark clouds gather, rumble and scream.

Lightning reflects in the seemingly calm stream.

Heart and soul poured into a jar.

Looked upon as if dirty black tar.

Cast aside like road kill on the street.

Left myself at the mercy of your feet.

Pool of disappointment gathers on the side of a hill.

The heavy rain pounding the ground and filling it at will.

Pool turns into a stream then into a flooding river.

Long have i pondered on what i had delivered.

Strong red sun will start to dry up the waters.

Evaporate my disappointment, sadness and torture.

Deep blue sky will breathe life into my soul.

Replace the sadness in my heart, that has taken its toll.

Deon Heemkserk 7-10-11

Pain Killer

Emerging from a big black hole.

Strange viage memories of midnight shows.

Dark house creeks and groans.

Whole body aches and moans.

Conversation lost, mind wanders off.

Fog of confusion, lost in the valley trough.

little vision of hope, light through the canopy.

A loving helping hand massaging out the agony.

Beautiful warm little ray of light.

Helping me through the dead of night.

Be my spotlight guide through this endless tide.

Show me from were the pain i can hide.

When i wake up my tea will be cold.

My hope is that you will be there for me to hold.

Deon Heemskerk 11-10-11


Public eye

The public expectations way heavy on his shoulders.

A rope pulling him to the ground attached to giant boulders.

A public figure attached from his true self.

Like a jacket worn during the day, then placed on a shelf.

Free information from this open book.

Any time, day or night you can take a look.

Roots run deep from the family tree.

One branch left swinging in the breeze.

Dream chaser or family mainstay?

Corner strainer post, just taking the strain.

The day ends and he heads for home.

The one place he is himself, were there is peace and room to roam.

Deon Heemskerk 9-10-11