Escape to the mountains


Escape to the mountains, forget the slime.

Leave the plains with their blue-green algae effected minds.

Let them sell out to the Viagra popping salesman with his Larry Emdur smile.

Sucking down fast food grease balls that stimulate extra bile.

Constantly complaining about money as they dive head first into deep debt.

Looking over their neighbours fences, whispering about promises not kept.

Puppet show councilors, do merry little dances for creepy dark developers.

Surrounding themselves with all the proper things and chamber like characters.

The false smiling collar up friday boys strut around.

On the walking hood wearers they look down.

What commands least respect?

A habit to support or how many you have stabbed in the neck?

A storm is brewing..

Deon Heemskerk 16-9-11


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