Signs of spring


Early morning sets the full moon.

First flower buds show that spring will be here soon.

Thousand crystal frost spread over the fresh green shoot.

Wise old magpie digging for his loot.

Our catchment clear water, is free from the mining boom.

Irreversible damage sets other areas to their doom.

No particles in our mountain air,our breath free and smooth.

Food free from poisons, in our tummies they soothe.

Living it large is barely living at all.

To be be a part of nature, we should applaud.

Silent sentry casuarinas welcome in the new day.

They look over the river were the ducklings splash and play.

As the long fingers of greed sweep across our land.

The more important, the beautiful things we have at hand.

Deon Heemskerk 14-9-11



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