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Golden sands blow through endless time.

A blossom opens in a creative mind.

Fog lies low in valley floors,

escaping from the sun’s long light claws.

Sunlight sparkles on a dew dipped leaf.

A soft wind kisses a new born’s cheek.

Round white clouds dance through a deep blue sky.

Majestic eagle spreads his wings and prepares to fly.

Crystal clear river flows over coursing fish.

Embrace the day and be free from anguish.

Deon Heemskerk 24-5-2011


More autumn dreaming!


Once known

 blowing through on a resent wind

familiar face with familiar grin.

family edition is now plus one

proud and glowing like the morning sun.

pieces of the puzzle all falling into place

the perfect plan, the perfect family and the perfect face.

all city lights,holy grails and  material gear

the world of borrowing holds no fear.

skyscrapers on his horizons, money set in his eyes

no one would believe his life is a lie

push for greatness has torn earth from his country heart

a little sadness in his eye, a little sadness for the small part of soul that has died.

 Deon Heemskerk 9-5-2011